Meeting Dominic Lawrence

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The same day that I interviewed Sue Vaarkamp, I went to meet Dominic Lawrence who actually built the Shepherds Hut. I was given the address and again typed it into Google maps, hoping that I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, and was cautious of where the device took me.

Twenty minutes out of Ruthin I was directed to take a left turn into an estate which was home to a mansion,
‘wow, there is a lot of money in these shepherds huts,’ I thought to myself. I pulled up the car in front of the house and it dawned on me, I’m in the wrong place….again. After considering throwing my phone out of the window, I gathered my thoughts, ‘it can’t be far from here’. I turned the car around and headed the way I came.I noticed a house to the right of me, where in the back garden a man was working with wood. Knowing a little of Dominic’s profession, this had to be the right place.

I was right. I greeted Dominic who was indeed working in his outdoor work shop. He was working on jumps for horses that are used in equestrian events.The particular Jumps he was working on were being sent to Dorset, he does sell jumps to places all across the UK. One of Dominic’s proudest achievements was making the Jumps for the equestrian events in the London 2012 Olympic games.

Working for himself, Dominic takes on a lot of responsibility with his projects, relishing in the process and striving for the perfect result. Initially trained as a landscape designer and working with wood mainly for the past 6 years, he has gained a profound knowledge of the craft. This is why Dominic was the perfect choice in craftsman when it came to building The Shepherds Hut.

He’d never made a commercial trailer before and mentioned how it was all a learning process for him. Starting off well after doing some research into Shepherds huts and the way they were built Dominic began with the Initial frame work, which he had a certain vision for. The interior of the hut was more of a ‘thinking on his feet’ approach taking into account the purpose of the hut on the catering side, which required essential utilities such as gas, water and electricity. All these factors made for different challenges which Dominic overcame with successful results. On the finished result of the Hut Dominic stated to me “I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. I had an image in my head of what it should be I happy it’s turned out that way”. I have witnessed his work first hand and have spent a lot of time in the shepherds hut.
The effort and attention to detail put into the project is self-evident, It is something Dominic is really proud of and rightly so.



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