Haunted Moel Famau

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Over the years, with plenty of people visiting The Jubilee Tower. There have been ‘sightings’ of strange figures on Moel Famau. I myself am quite a sceptical person. I believe sightings of Ghosts, Phantoms, Ghouls, Spirits, Fairies and any other otherworldly apparitions can be justified with logical solutions. But that’s just me, I need convincing. Maybe I should spend the night atop Moel Famau, let the cold wind blow past my ears, the pitch black cover my eyes and then my mind would probably wonder to all kinds of dark places.

NO THANKS! I’d much rather read some local paranormal sightings and deconstruct each one to try make sense of them, or maybe Moel Famau is the home to many wandering spirits. So here we go, this is….

Tom’s Top Jubilee Tower Ghost Tales.

The Dancing Woman

This was posted in 2009, the only information given on the witness is John From Flint.

“About five years ago my Girlfriend and I Walked up to the hilltop at Moel Famau. We were the last people there as it was getting towards about 7.30-8pm.
As we approached the steep hill just before the memorial we saw a young woman in a light blue dress dancing on it. We were surprised as it was very cold up there on top.
But what surprised us most of all was that in less than one minute as we arrived and were standing on the top, the woman had completely vanished! I looked on all sides of the hill but there was no sign.
To this day we believed that we saw a ghost. Has anyone else had a similar experience up there and are there any stories behind it?”

Ok …………….so John is walking toward the Jubilee tower sees a girl ‘dancing’, gets to the top and shes gone……… must be a ghost! John specifies it was less than a minute for the girl to disappear. which could be any time between 1-59 seconds and he was probably exaggerating as most people do in these situations, anyway I’ll take his word on it. 50 seconds is more than enough time to walk down the jubilee tower, as well as the girl clearly being in top physical strength to bust out dance moves atop Moel Famau. Even if we don’t really know she was dancing she could have been being pushed by the wind. John states it was between 7:30-8pm so I’m guessing it was getting dark, vision would have been low. I’m not 100% convinced by this I’m afraid. If by the off chance you read this John of Flint please get in touch, I want to hear the story from you. If anyone else has more information on the mysterious Dancing Woman or any other Ghost sightings on Moel Famau, please let me know. Come on people Prove me wrong!



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